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Rock Music

Rock Music is a broad genre of popular music and mainly incorporates the amplified sound of distorted and overdriven electric guitars. The genre came into existence from rock n roll music from the 1950s and gained popularity from the mid-1960s.

The roots in rock n roll music are derived from 1940s rhythm and blues genres of African American music and country music.

Electric River Online Blog presents many articles on the significant role rock music plays in the music industry and the history of the genre. Rock music still stands as one of the most influential genres in music and is not slowing down. The genre uses traditional musical instruments such as Electric bass, electric guitar, drums and one or more singers.

Rock Bands

Rock bands are traditionally more focused on a traditional music sound with musical instruments. Rock bands have been evolving into many different sub-genres since their inception into the industry. Some of the subgenres in rock music include psychedelic, classic, garage, and blues-rock.

Bands in rock music possess a certain quality of rawness and fast-paced tempos for an upbeat compositional style. The different styles which are presented by rock bands are vastly different from one another. Some of the sub-genres in rock may sound more popular than others, and some may be more slowly paced than traditional rock music.

Upcoming Gigs

Live shows are one of the most important aspects of rock music and how it’s experienced. Rock music is not just a music genre but a lifestyle with excitement and rawness.

On this blog, you can find information on some of the most anticipated upcoming gigs and what to expect from the bands performing and where they are performing.


Lyrics play an important part in how rock music is composed and perceived by fans. Rock music usually centres around meaningful lyrics and stories about life, heartbreak, and historical moments.

By visiting the Electric River Online Blog, you can find information on some of the most genius lyrics written by rock bands and rock artists.

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