Most Anticipated Rock Shows

Rock shows stand as the most powerful and exciting shows in entertainment, with many rock legends still touring and making music. These tours are some of the most anticipated shows of 2021 and 2022. Catch new and legendary rock bands live.

Guns N Roses Summer Tour

Guns N Roses returned to the Rock Music scene in 2016 and hasn’t stopped touring since. Some of the original members, including Slash, Duff, and Axl with their backing band, were expected to return to the stage in full force in 2020 but failed due to Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings.

They started up a world tour in July 2021 and will be actively touring throughout the world. The summer tour will also start in July 2022 with great anticipation.

The Stadium Tour

The Stadium Tour is an All-Star rock stadium tour with some of the rocks most legendary 80s rock bands touring together as a world tour. The line-up consists of Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jet and will be happening later in 2022 as the 2nd instalment of the tour.

Although Motley Crue called it quits and broke up a few years back, fans of the rock band are excited to witness them back in action with the Stadium Tour.

My Chemical Romance

The My Chemical Romance Reunion tour was postponed in 2020, just like with most rock bands announcing tour cancellations due to the covid-19 pandemic. In 2021 the band started back up again with their tour and will go straight through into 2022.

The band broke up years ago and suddenly announced tour dates in 2020. The tickets to some of the tour date shows were sold out in no time, with long-time fans jumping at the opportunity to witness the band back in action again.

Hella Mega Tour

The Hella Mega Tour is an all-out pop-punk tour and is taking place from 2022 as a world tour that includes some of the biggest acts in punk rock music. The tour sold out fast before being put on hold due to the covid pandemic in 2021.

Hella Mega Tour 2022 will include Green Day, Wheezer, and Fall out Boy, with tour dates spanning over 14 different countries.

These rock tours are sure to get fans kicking, screaming, and jumping to rock out with some of the biggest names in rock music.

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