Rock Songs Based on Casinos and Gambling

Rock music has always been associated with gambling and the entertainment part of casinos. These songs prove how rockstars love to gamble and how songs were influenced by gambling and casinos.

Still the Same – Bob Segar

This is a rock song by Bob Segar. The story of this song revolves around the narrator, who meets up with an old charismatic and confident acquaintance who is a successful gambler. Bluffing for a living, the gambler has faith in the cards rather than in people who are close to him. The narrator realizes that beneath the confidence, the acquaintance is a lost being.

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

The Ace of Spades stands as a signature song for 1980s heavy metal and the group itself. The narrator of the song declares that gambling is not a wise act but plays for the love of gambling whether he wins or lose.

The player then teases his opponents about the current hand he is holding and pays homage to the ace of spades which is a highly valuable card.

Ace in the Hole – Saint Motel

This song was released in 2014. The lyrics revolve around an individual wanting to win over a diva and how he tries to win her heart. In poker, an ace in the hole is a card that provides a hidden advantage in the game. With the stakes being high, there is only one chance for the individual in the story to get it right.

Desperado – The Eagles

The main character in this rock song is a desperado who is described as a reckless individual. The character has involved himself in more honest aspects of life in order to gain personal freedom.

The narrator uses playing cards to caution the desperado against growing old alone and warns against drawing the queen of diamonds.

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