History of Rock Music During the 60s and 70s

Rock music is seen as the broadest genre of popular music. It originated as rock n roll in the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The genre developed into a range of different styles and subgenres from the mid-1960s in the United States and The United Kingdom.

Rock music’s roots lie in the 1940s and 1950s rock n roll, which is a genre that drew directly from the blues and R&B genres of American music as well as from country music. Electric Blues and folk music are also seen as a large influence on the origins of rock music. Jazz and classical music is believed by many to have also been involved in the emergence of Rock music.

The instrumentation compositions of rock music are centred on the electric guitar and usually as part of a rock group with electric bass, drums, and one or more vocalists.

Since the end of 1962, the British rock invasion knocked over fans of the genre with some of the most legendary bands of rock music. Groups such as The Beatles and The Searchers started the invasion and became major successes in the United Kingdom. The British invasion bands drew heavily on American influences of Rock Music.

Bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Animals were among some of the largest groups from London, being influenced by Rhythm and Blues and later Blues music. Most of the bands from this era gained success with cover songs but ultimately wrote their music and garnered further success into the genre of rock n roll with original compositions.

From the 1970s, Rock music saw a change in direction, turning into a multibillion-dollar industry and becoming a competitive market in the music industry. The 70s also saw the start for heartland rock music which was seen as a straightforward musical style.

The term “heartland rock” was first used to describe Midwestern Arena Rock such as Kansas and Styx. The genre quickly came to be associated with a more socially concerned form of roots rock.

Rock music has been evolving until today with innovations in instrumentation and composition structures. Rock music is still seen as one of the most popular music genres in the world. Write for us if you agree!

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