Top New Bands in Rock Music to Look out For

Rock has seen many successful newcomers in recent years. This article focuses on some of the most successful and popular up-and-coming rock bands in the modern world. The bands on this list originate from the 2000s and have become legends in their own right for modern rock music.

Crown Lands

Crown Lands is a Canadian rock duo. The duo consists out of Singer and drummer Cody Bowles and guitarist Kevin Comeau. They provide a huge 1970s hard rock sound with vintage clothes and long shaggy hair with heavy blues riffs and loud dynamics.

They released their self-titled album in 2020 and has already gained high-profile fans such as Jack White and Primus.


Stonefield is a Psychedelic-rock band from Australia with vocals, drums, guitar, and keyboards. Their music is haunting and makes listeners think of Black Sabbath and Depp Purple. They are not just conjuring up intense rock tunes but also confronting some serious subjects into their lyrics.

Rival Sons

Rival Sons originated from Long Beach, California, in 2009 and became one of the frontrunners of the classic-rock-revival scene.  The band is led by Scott Holiday and his soaring guitar riffs and vocalist Jay Buchanan’s bluesy vocal style.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Tyler Bryant is a Nashville based guitarist and has been at the forefront of the modern guitar playing world for a long time. His blues skills earned him a spot opening for some of the greatest rock acts of all time, including AC/DC, B.B King, and Jeff Beck. He possesses striking riffs and huge solos.

The groups latest album ‘’Pressure’’ was released in 2020 and is quickly becoming a fan favourite in rock music.

Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe is a Nashville-based duo founded by multi-instrumentalist sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. They are known to have refined their rootsy Southern musical style since their debut album in 2014.

The duo is best known in the blues circles and has won a Grammy nomination for best contemporary blues album in 2018. Besides being bluesy, they have an appetite for classic rock.

Dirty Honey

Dirty Honey released its debut album in 2019 and made history with its authentic rock sound. The band has been an opening act for bands such as Slash, Guns N Roses, and The Who. The band is working on a new album for 2021 and is expected to be a hard-rocking 2nd album.

The band strives in being different yet old school rock filled with loud blues-rock guitar riffs and big choruses to give them their unique sound and playing style.

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